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Tutelary Gods

The deities of the continent transcend mortal minds and exist beyond their reach.


In the Common Era, their engagement in worldly matters is exceedingly limited. In times of need, they may empower champions of their domains. There are rare instances, in which they materialize as avatars; however, the destruction of an avatar bears no consequence on the god's true essence. More often they might send a celestial or fiend – emissaries of the gods and wardens of the outer planes...

The Prime Deities

The prime gods serve as eternal custodians of the cosmic balance. They benevolently safeguard all existence in the material plane and guide mortals toward their grace.

The Fallen

The fallen gods are agents of evil who tirelessly work to prove the folly of mortal life. They sow seeds of corruption and sadistically punish those in whom wickedness takes root.

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