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Abelard's Domesday of Nyrheim

Nyrheim is an original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, created by Price Garrison. It is a duchy, within a country, within a continent, within a much larger world. Despite it's limited geographical scope, Nyrheim offers ample opportunities for campaigns that delve into deep narratives rather than sprawling expanses. Nyrheim is not an a fantasy-kitchen-sink, but it brims with a variety of cultures, monsters, and points of interest. The primary aim is to furnish groups with a region that continually rewards their engagement, enabling them to forge meaningful relationships, unearth hidden secrets, and wield the influence to change paradigms of power. For Dungeon Masters, this content serves as a resource for crafting and conducting campaigns that revolve around elements such as wargames, political intrigue, ruin exploration, monster hunting, criminal enterprise, law enforcement, and much more. This setting is particularly well-suited for adventurers in the first two tiers of D&D gameplay:  Local Heroes (Levels 1 to 4), and Heroes of the Realm (5 to 10). If you're a player, this material equips you with the essential information needed to create a character that will seamlessly fit into this setting. As D&D approaches their latest update, OneD&D, I will be updating the lore with homebrewed player character options (species, subclasses, and backgrounds), which will be balanced to meet the latest standards. In the interim, feel free to adapt and personalize existing 5e content to fit this setting as needed. Welcome to Nyrheim. Your epic journey awaits.

The Big Picture

The Continent

Core assumptions about gameplay in this setting

Tutelary Gods

A codex of  the deities worshipped on the continent


A survey of  the  folk making up the citizenry of Elyndel


Ideologically aligned organizations in Elyndel

Welcome to Nyrheim


A broad look at the duchy - its history, government, and culture

Great Houses

Information on the ruling houses Nyrheim and their families


(in development)

Nyrheim is a land of natural abundance. The fertile soil supports ample agriculture and the forests are rich in timber, herbs, and medicinal plants. Wheat, barley, and oats are grown, and pigs, cows, and sheep are raised. Wine and cider are manufactured from the apple orchards and grape vineyards. The rivers and sea offer fish and seafood, but there are also rumors of sea monsters lurking in the depths. The coastline is rugged and dotted with coves and inlets, where smugglers and pirates lurk. Those who venture off the beaten path are liable to encounter both wonder and peril.


The climate is temperate, with mild temperatures and rainfall spread evenly throughout the year. Summers are cool and comfortable, while winters are mild. The region is also prone to dense fog and mist, which can obscure paths and hide danger.

The Capital City

Valhof is the central seat of power in Nyrheim, and was established as the new capital city at the turn of the millennium, replacing Roann.  In doing so, Duke Harek wanted to establish a separation between ducal and county powers.


The Ten Counties

Nyrheim Map


Coming Soon

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