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Elyndel is a melting pot of factions, each with their own political or ideological agendas, oaths,  values, and interests. Understanding dynamics of these groups is essential to unpacking their motivations and impact on society. 


The Aurous Hand

The Aurous Hand is a vast and influential crime syndicate with  members who specialize in all manner of illicit activities.


The Iron Legion

The Iron Legion is committed to eradicating evil in all its forms. Their approach relies on a strict code of honor.


The Fae Heritage Society

The Fae Heritage Society is a group of working to restore and preserve heritage sites in continental Elyndel.


The Luminari

The Luminari is a secretive group that protects the less fortunate. They tend to work behind-the-scenes and from the shadows. 


The Imperial Trade Federation

The Imperial Trade Federation oversees customs and regulates trade throughout the Continent. They negotiate with local unions.


The Wildwardens

The Wildwardens are an alliance of wilderness guardians and monster hunters who are sworn to protect the natural order.

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